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C260 WiFi Biometric Door Access Control System

Fingerprint Door Access Control System | ClockRite


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Product Code: C260AC
Brand: ClockRite
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Biometric door access control system with fingerprint and proximity capability. This secure door entry system will link to most internal doors, and will only allow access to authorised personnel. The C-260 door access system can also be utilised for employee Time and Attendance if required. 
  • Sophisticated biometric door entry control
  • Fingerprint clocking technology is robust, reliable, and proven
  • Eliminates the possibility of unauthorised personnel entering restricted areas of your premises
  • Onboard WiFi and Ethernet port for convenient network connectivity
  • Supports additional fingerprint and proximity door entry controllers as needed
  • Audio & Visual indication of verification or rejection
  • Intuitive access control software to manage personnel access levels and time zones
  • Convenient personnel grouping policies and multi-site capability
  • Live employee door access monitoring via local network
  • USB pen drive collection for when network is unavailable
  • 12 months support
  • Free technical support for your chosen qualified door access control installer​​​​​​


Biometric Door Access Control – How It Works

Employees use the C-260 secure access control terminal to open a door by presenting their registered fingerprint to the biometric scanner. Staff will receive an audible and visual message to confirm door access. The C-260 terminal works as a switch, ensuring the door mechanism can only be opened by authorised staff. Door entry is quick, secure and fully reportable.

The C-260 access control terminal will also accept proximity keycards or fobs, ideal for temporary staff or contractors. Alternatively a PIN number can issued to authorised personnel.

Entry/Exit and Multiple Door Scenarios

The C260 Access Control terminal can be used in tandem with our biometric and proximity door entry controllers to manage entry and exit on either side of a single secure door, or to control movement through two or more nearby entry points. ​​​​All devices are centrally managed through our PC based access control software.

C-260 Door Access Control Clock Capacity & Recording
The C-260 clocking terminal can store multiple biometric credentials for each employee, enabling them to record every fingerprint if required (fingerprints can be damaged by scratches or burns, so it is advisable to record at least two prints for each staff member). To register a user, three images of each fingerprint are taken at the clocking terminal. The registration process takes approximately 10 seconds per employee, and the C-260 clocking terminal has the capacity for up to 3000 fingerprint templates.

Permissions and Time Zones

Our intuitive software makes it easy to monitor and manage employee movement between areas, allowing you to specify access permissions by role, responsibility, or department/group. Once the system is configured, your assigned in-house administrator can enroll and manage users with ease.    
All systems include training and setup assistance.      

Door Access Control with Time & Attendance – How It Works
Employees use biometric and proximity credentials in tandem, utilising one method (ie fingerprint) to register attendance and the other (ie designated keycard/fob) to gain secure door access. Each employee can register up to 16 attendance clockings and unlimited access control events per day. Our proprietary PC based time & attendance software enables quick and easy payroll calculation and features late start and early finish tracking, grace and rounding options, holidays, sickness, and overtime calculations.

Door Access System Requirements
  • Nearby standard power source
  • Electronic door lock, such as a maglock or turnstile
  • Local door installation engineer
  • TCP/IP network connection (optional)
  • Windows PC (optional)

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