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How many computers can we install the software on?

Every ClockRite System allows for software installation on up to 3 PCs as standard. Additional software seats can be purchased as needed
(A server or network drive is required for multi-pc installation)

Are there any monthly fees?

There are no subscriptions or monthly fees to pay. Quoted prices include hardware, software, and 12 months unlimited UK remote support

How long is the warranty?

All systems come with a 12 month hardware warranty. After this period you may choose to renew your support with us, thereby extending your system support and hardware warranty for a further 12 months

Can I export data to my payroll system?

We support direct integration into Sage Payroll. For other payroll programs our main reports export to Microsoft Excel for quick and easy input

How is biometric data stored?

Our biometric terminals convert a fingerprint or facial profile into a secure mathematical algorithm. No image of the user's fingerprint or face is stored, and the algorithm cannot be reverse engineered