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Job Clocking System Complete with Job Costing Software


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Product Code: CJ100/10/1
Brand: ClockRite
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The CJ-100 is a combination of job costing software linked to a proximity clocking terminal to provide accurate job times for job costing and non-productive time analysis.
Proximity/RFID clocking in system for accurate job time recording
Latest robust clocking in terminal suitable for most environments   
Works with proximity keyfob or badge   
Optional bell attachment  
Job time data is exportable into various formats including excel for further analysis
Comprehensive PC software to calculate time on jobs as well as your employee's working hours  
Records start and finish times of jobs and time taken is calculated
Job time are available to view on screen as well as a selection of standard reports
25 proximity keyfobs or badges included
TCP/IP network connection or USB pen drive collection   
Sage Payroll Line 50 link to transfer paid hours to Sage  

Our entry level job costing software system is the CJ-100 proximity job clocking system. This proximity clock and job costing software combination will provide you with a robust and reliable attendance and job clocking system.  This entry level system is ideal for up to 30 productive employees based in one location. Up to two additional clocking terminals can be added to this system.  Ideal for use in engineering and automotive workshops where labour time control is critical.

This clock & software system package incorporates our attendance and job costing software. It includes an easy to use suite of reports for comprehensive attendance, job time and job costing management.  

The job costing software calculates time spent on all jobs split by employee if required. Individual job time adhesive labels can be printed retrospectively for job costing and audit purposes. When not on productive work employees must clock onto a non-productive activity to highlight lost time in your business.  
Attended time is split into basic and overtime hours based on employee shift rules. Late starts and early finishes, quarter hour rounding and grace periods can all be built into the employee’s shift rules. Holidays, sickness and other absences are also recorded in detail for individual employees.

Attendance and job time data can be exported for further analysis if required.

Installation and PC requirements   

Any Questions? Simply call us on +44(0)1246 267715.  If you are ready to order simply click on the BUY NOW button at the top of the page.

Proximity Job Costing System  – How It Works

Employees use the CJ-100 clocking system to register attendance ‘in and out’ simply by passing their personal proximity badge in front of the clocking terminal.

Productive employees use the numerical keypad to enter job numbers during the course of their shift. They can also clock onto non-productive activities such as idle-time, tea breaks and driving duties.  All job clocking information is recorded against each job and also the employee to provide complete daily activity reports, as well as detailed job reports showing the total time spent on jobs. This is ideal for job costing purposes and measuring actual job times vs target times.

You can choose proximity cards or key fobs to use with this system. 

For additional security a personal ‘pin’ number can also be used.

Proximity Clock - Capacity & Recording 

The CJ-100 clocking in terminal stores all employee names and the associated employee number. The clock unit and proximity badges or fobs use built in RFID chips to record clockings. Proximity RFID technology is ideal for time tracking in workshop environments as it is a contact-less form of time recording.  

Clocked Data Storage
All clockings are stored in the CJ-100 proximity clock until they are down-loaded to the ClockRite software where attendance and job times are calculated. Your employee attendance & job time data will be securely stored indefinitely on your system for future reference.

Proximity Clock Cards - STANDARD
Proximity Keyfobs for Clocking Systems
Proximity Clocking Badge Rack