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Advanced Workshop Clocking & Efficiency

Advanced Workshop Clocking System Details

A true understanding of how your workshop functions is key to maximising labour potential and increasing profits. The TimePro Advanced Workshop Job Clocking System records detailed information through the lifecycle of each job, including time spent by individual staff members and cost centres. Total time spent on any job can then be measured against target time or time invoiced to the customer. Our Advanced Job Clocking Systems also offer insight into efficiency and productivity, allowing you to identify improvement areas. Even a small increase in workshop efficiency can yield significant gains in profitability.

What's Included


  • Advanced Job Clocking Software for Labour Time Control
  • Detailed Job Time Calculation
  • Efficiency and Productivity Metrics
  • Non-Productive Time Analysis
  • Full UK Time and Attendance Module
  • Comprehensive Reporting Suite
  • Holiday and Absence Planning
  • Sage Line 50 Integration
  • Detailed Setup and Usage Guides
  • 12 Months UK Support


  • Robust Job Clocking Hardware
  • Reliable, Contactless RFID Technology
  • Optional Biometric Clocking for Attendance
  • Lan or USB Data Download
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How the Advanced Job Clocking System Works

Clocking Methods

Staff record their current job number or activity on the clocking terminal’s built in keypad and confirm their credentials by presenting their assigned badge or keyfob. An additional biometric fingerprint or facial recognition terminal can be integrated for secure attendance clocking, ensuring staff cannot clock each other in or out.

Registration and Recording

Staff can begin recording jobs and activities immediately using their assigned badge or keyfob. In the case of biometric attendance integration, fingerprint or facial registration is extremely quick and easy, taking just ten seconds per staff member. After initial registration, each attendance clocking takes only a couple of seconds.

Data Storage and Download

All job time, activity, and attendance data is stored on the clocking terminal until downloaded into the TimePro software via local area network or USB. Once downloaded, job information and individual time sheets can be calculated and viewed as detailed reports. All data is then stored securely on your PC or server.

Advanced Workshop Job Clocking System Software

Our Advanced Job Clocking Software tracks attendance alongside time spent on productive jobs and non-productive tasks or activities. In addition, an Advanced Job Clocking System allows you to analyse three key workshop metrics; Utilisation, Productivity, and Efficiency. These measurements provide a detailed overview of workshop performance, from department/cost centres down to the relative skill level of individual staff members.

Job Time Recording

TimePro software offers valuable insight into how your jobs progress toward completion, helping you to make decisions based on thorough, accurate information.

Productive vs Non Productive Time

TimePro ensures that all time not spent on a productive job or task is quantified and clearly shown as a customisable non-productive activity, giving you a clear picture of staff utilisation in your workshop.


TimePro provides a detailed assessment of hours sold vs total hours attended by individual, group, or cost centre. Productivity is a crucial tool in evaluating systems and processes in your workshop.


A measurement of hours sold versus the actual productive hours spent in order to complete a job, efficiency is a key indicator of how well a workshop functions and where improvements might be made.

Comprehensive Job Reporting

Generate detailed, readable reports on every aspect of a job, split by department, group, cost centre, or individual staff member.

Full Time and Attendance Software Module

Our TimePro attendance module provides an intuitive and versatile time and attendance solution, making payroll preparation quick and easy.

Employee Time Cards

View an at-a-glance summary of attendance clockings, hours worked, and relevant exceptions for all employees. Missing or erroneous clockings are easy to identify and amend, while total hours are intuitively broken down by pay rate.

Multiple Shifts and Overtime Rates

ClockRite supports unlimited shift patterns, including night shifts, and allows for multiple shifts per employee or staff group. Define up to 5 rates of overtime to be applied daily or weekly as needed.

Holidays and Absence

Define multiple absence codes and track leave entitlement with our comprehensive absence module.

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed, readable reports on every aspect of your employees’ time and attendance. Integrate data directly into Sage Line 50 or export to Microsoft Excel for simple transfer into other payroll systems.

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