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Time sheets – Attendance software | ClockRite

Time sheets – Attendance software | ClockRite Time sheets – Attendance software | ClockRite


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Brand: ClockRite
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Our unique PC terminal clocking attendance software allows your employees to record their ‘in’ and ‘out’ clockings at a PC without the need for a physical clocking terminal. It’s quick and easy and the use of personal PIN numbers ensures security and eliminates ‘buddy clocking’.

PC Clocking System –  How It Works
Employees use a simple one field entry box to record their attendances. These attendance clocking entries are then automatically updated onto employee time sheets from where hours worked at normal and overtime rates are calculated for you.
Each employee can have up to 16 clocking entries per day and the software can handle 24 hour shift & rotating shift patterns if required.
Additional cash payment entries for bonuses etc can be entered directly onto employee time sheets for inclusion on the payroll input reports.
ClockRite Attendance Software

This time sheet system package incorporates our flexible time and attendance software where all of your vital employee time data is securely stored and includes an easy to use suite of reports for comprehensive workforce time management.

Our time & attendance software suite will enable you to prepare your payroll information quickly and easily and has the functionality to export hours worked to Sage payroll software. Basic and overtime hours are calculated automatically, late starts and early finishes, quarter hour rounding and grace periods can all be built into the employee’s shift rules. Holidays, sickness and other absences are also recorded in detail for individual employees and checked against annual entitlement.
Other Benefits
PC clocking can be used ‘stand alone’ or in a mixed work environment where a physical clocking system is also required for the factory and PC clocking for office staff.
PC clocking software works with all major releases of Microsoft Windows software.
It can be configured for use on a large number of PCs and has a very small data storage requirement.
Time sheet attendance software greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency in preparing payroll input data. All attendance and absence data is stored indefinitely and can be retrieved quickly and easily providing a valuable addition to your human resources software applications.
**Please note that PC Clocking can be used alongside our range of clocking terminals**

Also included
  • 12 Months Support
  • Free Sage Payroll Link
  • Free Remote Installation

Remember this system also includes a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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