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Door Access Control

Our range of door access control systems feature robust RFID proximity sensors and sophisticated biometric fingerprint verification. Door entry controllers link to most internal or external doors, ensuring only authorised personnel can gain access. All systems are supplied with intuitive access control software, making it easy to manage employees, access levels, and time zones. Peripheral door entry controllers can be added via Weigand connectivity as needed. ClockRite access control solutions can be seamlessly configured to suit indoor, outdoor, multi-door, and multi-site scenarios.

Which System is Right for My Business?


Fingerprint Access Control


Fast and reliable, a fingerprint access control system provides a secure door entry solution and eliminates the possibility of employees gaining access with false credentials. Although fingerprint technology is suitable for most environments, you may find a contactless solution to be a better fit if your working environment is particularly harsh or staff regularly perform tasks that might abrase or damage hands. Optional WiFi connectivity is ideal for sites without a hardwired network.


RFID Proximity Access Control


Proximity entry control systems register access events by RFID badge or keyfob, offering a more traditional contactless solution. RFID technology is simple to use and extremely reliable, but lacks the absolute security and safeguards of a biometric solution.

Can Access Control Systems Integrate Time & Attendance Too?


All ClockRite access control systems can incorporate our proprietary time and attendance software through the use of dual credentials. Under this configuration staff use one credential (ie fingerprint) to register their attendance, and another (ie designated badge/keyfob) to gain access to secure doors. Staff can register up to 16 attendance events and unlimited access requests each day. Our time and attendance software makes payroll calculation quick and easy, with comprehensive support for shift patterns, overtime payments, and absence management.


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