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Job Costing Systems

Our workshop job clocking systems capture the entire lifecycle of a job, providing you with accurate job times for labour costing and workforce management. In-depth analysis offers valuable insight into productive time within your workshop, as well as identifying time spent on non-productive tasks. All Job Clocking Systems come packaged with our Full Time and Attendance Module, giving you a complete overview of labour time.

Which System is Right for My Business?


Entry-Level Job Clocking Systems


An Entry-Level job clocking system tracks time taken on productive jobs, non-productive tasks, attendance, and overall paid hours. The key metric in an Entry-Level Job Clocking System is utilisation; a measure of the time spent on productive jobs as a proportion of total time attended. An Entry-Level Job Clocking System is ideal for companies wishing to identify time-loss in a workshop and gain insight into areas for improvement. For a more comprehensive time control solution incorporating productivity and efficiency calculations you may wish to consider an Advanced Job Clocking System.


Advanced Job Clocking Systems


A TimePro Advanced Job Clocking System has all the features of an Entry-Level System with the added capability to measure productivity and efficiency in your workshop. Productivity compares sold time against total hours attended, while efficiency measures time sold versus productive time taken to complete a given job. These metrics are key in maximising labour gross profit, with even modest increases yielding potentially significant gains. An Advanced Job Clocking System is ideal for companies wishing to increase revenue by increasing workshop potential and saleable time.


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