How Do I Get Up and Running?

Whether you’re having your system installed by one of our engineers or setting things up yourself, it’s always quick and easy getting started with ClockRite. Read on for an overview, or get in touch for a chat about exactly what’s involved.

Installing Hardware

If you choose to have your system installed by us then one of our experienced engineers will set everything up quickly and professionally, ensuring that the system is ready to use on the day.

If you’re installing things yourself we’ll ask you for some basic information so that we can program your system prior to dispatch. On receipt you’ll just need to mount the clocking terminal, plug it in, and connect it to your local network (all terminals also support USB download). All that’s left to do is enroll your staff with the help of our handy guides and you’re good to go!

Installing Software

If we’re installing the clocking terminal(s) for you then our engineers will also install the ClockRite software on your designated PCs.

If you opt for self-installation we’ll pre-prepare your custom database and provide a link to download the ClockRite software via email. Once the software is installed you can enrol staff, setup shifts, and manage departments with the help of our detailed user guides.

Ongoing Support

Each attendance clocking system comes with one full year of remote support, so we’re never more than a phonecall or email away if you need us! In addition to our friendly support team we’ve also put together detailed guides on how to use the ClockRite software, complete with step-by-step instructions and clear screenshots.