ClockRite Cloud

Clockrite Cloud

Real-time cloud based clocking system.

ClockRite Cloud is a comprehensive online time and attendance solution with an access anywhere web application and dedicated app for mobile clocking.

Streamline your attendance management with enhanced operational control, insight, and flexibility.  ClockRite Cloud scales for multiple locations and is ideal for tracking remote workers starting at £2.00 per user.

Plan shifts and schedules in minutes

Build and manage schedules with ClockRite Cloud’s intuitive graphical shift planner. Featuring a user friendly drag-and-drop interface and reusable shift templates, ClockRite Cloud makes it easy to manage and plan for any pattern of work.  

Managers benefit from a live dashboard overview with team status, attendance exceptions, and staff requests. In-app messaging streamlines communication between team members. 

ClockRite Cloud has full employee self-service functionality. Staff can access their schedule remotely from anywhere via web or mobile app. Handy reminders ensure your team are ready for upcoming shifts and real-time notifications keep everyone informed of changes to existing schedules.

Time and Attendance In The Palm Of Your Hand

ClockRite Cloud’s full-featured companion mobile app is available on Android and iOS. Enhance your Time and Attendance management with detailed information for managers and staff, available anywhere, at any time. Ensure everyone has the information they need with real-time notifications and in-app chat functionality.

For Managers:

  • View live team status, clocking details, exceptions, and requests
  • Manage and approve team timesheets
  • Review and publish shifts
  • Manage and approve absences and staff requests
  • Message groups or individuals through in-app chat

For Staff:

  • Record clocking time, type, location, and activity
  • View schedules, timesheets, and time-off requests
  • Apply for absence, holidays, and schedule changes
  • Receive instant notification of schedule updates and changes
  • View worked hours, overtime, and holiday balance

Flexible Clocking Options:

With multiple clocking options, ClockRite Cloud allows you to record attendance in the way that suits your business. Choose from any or all of the following options and manage clockings across locations and working environments, including remote and call-out staff.


Centralise clocking with robust hardware.

Dedicated clocking hardware utilising facial recognition, fingerprint, and RFID technology

Use our iPad clocking app.

For clocking via facial recognition or PIN

Allow staff to clock using their Android or iOS mobile phones.

Set geo-fencing rules to ensure clockings can only be registered at designated locations.

Offline mode for peace of mind

Whichever device you choose, ClockRite Cloud stores clocking data securely until an internet connection is re-established.

Key Features:

Live Dashboard

ClockRite Cloud’s real-time dashboard provides a comprehensive attendance overview for managers and supervisors. View live clocking status for all team-members, including clocking locations. Exceptions, requests, and approvals are clearly presented by category.

Intuitive Timesheets

Choose from a range of timesheet formats. Easily track and manage overtime, exceptions, breaks, jobs and tasks in a way that works for your business.

Advanced Reporting

ClockRite Cloud’s advanced reporting engine provides detailed oversight of attendance, schedules, and costs. Generate detailed reports over any date range and export in a variety of formats.

Payroll Ready

  ClockRite Cloud makes it easy to audit payroll data for errors and exceptions. Generate detailed payroll exports with confidence in the underlying data. Customise pay-codes and fields to suit your specific needs.

Full Features List


  • Flexible clocking options: iPad, mobile, and (coming soon) dedicated clocking hardware
  • Manage clocking locations with advanced geofencing options
  • Clock attendance, breaks, tasks, and jobs
  • Offline clocking capability

Attendance Management

  • Real-time attendance dashboard
  • Alerts for attendance exceptions, anomalies, and staff requests
  • Staff map with precise clocking location
  • Holiday and absence management
  • Employee self-service via web or mobile app

Planning & Scheduling

  • Graphical schedule builder
  • Reusable schedule templates
  • Quick and easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Rotating shifts, rosters, night-shifts, and flexi-time


  • Customisable admin & access roles
  • Create distinct teams, groups, departments, locations
  • Build detailed approval paths
  • Track and manage staff requests

Flexible Pricing

Cloud Pro(10 - 100 Users)

Cloud Pro
(Up to 100 Staff)



A full-featured time and attendance solution that scales with your growing business.

Cloud Business(100 -200 Users)

Cloud Business
(Up to 200 Staff)



Complete time and attendance management for larger sites and multiple locations.

Cloud Enterprise(200+ Users)

Cloud Enterprise
(200+ Staff)


A deal tailored to you

Comprehensive workforce management no matter how large your business.

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