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Facial Recognition Biometric Clocking System

Facial Recognition Attendance Clocking System | Only £295

Facial Recognition Attendance Clocking System | Only £295 Facial Recognition Attendance Clocking System | Only £295


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PRICE:£295.00excl VAT
£354.00 inc VAT
Product Code: C400/12/1
Brand: ClockRite
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Biometric Facial Recognition Clocking System Details

A ClockRite face recognition clock in system provides a secure, sophisticated time and attendance solution for your business. Biometric security prevents employees buddy clocking, while facial recognition is completely contactless, extremely reliable, and suitable for any working environment. Face clocking data links directly to our own UK time and attendance software, helping you to simplify your payroll management. A facial recognition clocking system is suitable for businesses of any size, and scalable for companies with multiple locations. Optional WiFi capability eliminates the need to run cables.

What's Included


  • Full UK Time and Attendance Clocking Software Intuitively Displays Data from the Face Recognition Clock In Machine
  • Comprehensive Reporting Suite with Export Functionality
  • Printable Attendance Register
  • Holiday and Absence Planning with Entitlement Tracking
  • 1 Hour Free Setup and Training
  • Sage Line 50 Integration
  • Detailed Setup and Usage Guides
  • 12 Months UK Time and Attendance Software Support


  • Robust C400 Biometric Clock In Machine
  • Contactless Facial Recognition Technology
  • Download Facial Clocking Data via Lan, USB, or (optional) WiFi
  • Inbuilt RFID Proximity Reader For Optional Use Alongside Facial Clock In
  • 12 Month Face Recognition Clock In Machine Warranty
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Just ten minutes lost time per employee each day can lead to £1000s in lost productivity every year. Try our Lost Time Calculator to see how much a C400 face recognition clock in system could save your business.

Number of Employees
Average Hourly Wage
Time Loss (per person) Per Day
Your Staff May Be Losing* - Costing Your Business* -
*Figures are advisory only. Results assume a 40hr work week with 240 working days per year and may be rounded to nearest whole number.

Accurate, consistent timekeeping is an effective way of minimising the cost of lost time. The C400’s facial clock in procedure is quick and simple, encouraging punctuality among your staff. Biometric clocking security allows you to take control of late starts, long lunches, and unauthorised breaks. It’s simple, a quality face recognition attendance clock in system saves you money!

How the Facial Recognition Clocking System Works

Clocking Methods

The C400 uses biometric facial recognition to register employees’ attendance. Face recognition is fool-proof and fully secure, leaving you confident in the knowledge that employees cannot clock each other in and out. The C400 face clocking machine also supports proximity clocking via badge or fob. Each attendance event is accompanied by an audible and visual message to confirm success, and the ClockRite system has the capacity for up to 16 attendance clockings per employee per day. To compliment the C400’s biometric security, a personal PIN can also be used.

Registration and Recording

Registering a biometric facial profile is extremely quick and easy, taking just ten seconds per staff member through a guided process at the clocking in machine. The C400 has the capacity for as many as 800 staff.

Data Storage and Download

Clocking data is stored on the C400 face recognition clock in machine until downloaded via LAN, USB, or optional WiFi. Once downloaded, individual time sheets can be calculated and displayed in detailed reports. Attendance and payroll data is then stored securely on your PC or server.

On-site installation is available with every C400 face recognition clock in system. Our experienced engineers will ensure you’re up and running in no time, while our support team take great care in managing your installation and making sure that you remain informed throughout. Try our installation price estimator or contact us for expert advice and a detailed quotation.
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Call: 01246 267 715 | Email:
Request a Callback
Call: 01246 267 715 | Email:
If you require more than three biometric clocking machines or installation over multiple sites lease contact us to discuss your needs

Facial Recognition Clocking System Software

Our ClockRite Software provides an intuitive and versatile time and attendance solution for your business. The software utilises attendance data from the C400 face recognition clocking machine to make payroll preparation quick and easy. Install to multiple PCs as needed and create tiered user profiles to ensure staff can only access information relevant to their role.

Employee Time Cards

View an at-a-glance summary of secure biometric face clockings, hours worked, and relevant exceptions for all employees. Missing or erroneous face recognition clockings are easy to identify and amend, while total hours are intuitively broken down by pay rate.

Multiple Shifts and Overtime Rates

ClockRite supports unlimited shift patterns, including night shifts, and allows for multiple shifts per employee or staff group. Facial recognition clocking data is analysed according to your specific shift rules in order to generate a detailed breakdown of all attended time. Define up to 5 rates of overtime to be applied daily or weekly as needed.

Holidays and Absence

Define multiple absence codes and track leave entitlement with our comprehensive absence module. View all absences in convenient calendar format and include paid leave in total hours reports, ensuring payroll data remains accurate.

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed, readable reports on every aspect of your employees’ time and attendance. Integrate data directly into Sage Line 50 or export to Microsoft Excel for simple transfer into other payroll systems.

Unsure which system is right for you? Use our  

Any Questions? Simply call us on +44(0)1246 267715.  If you are ready to order simply click on the BUY NOW button at the top of the page.

Product Specification Sheet                                         

Complete boxed package including

ClockRite Software       

This facial recognition system incorporates our flexible time and attendance software where all of your vital employee time data is securely stored and includes an easy to use suite of reports for comprehensive workforce management.  Our time & attendance software suite will enable you to prepare your payroll information quickly and easily and has the functionality to export hours worked to Sage payroll software. Basic and overtime hours are calculated automatically, late starts and early finishes, quarter hour rounding and grace periods can all be built into the employee’s shift rules. Holidays, sickness and other absences are also recorded in detail for individual employees.

Installation and PC Requirements       
Sample Reports

Clocking and Hours
Hours & Gross Pay

Additional reports are available on request

"The ClockRite system was very easy to install and set up, especially with the initial employee profiles pre-loaded for you by ClockRite. We have found the reliability of the biometric facial system brilliant and very straight forward for staff to use on arrival and departure from work".
Reliance Medical, Cheshire

"The process of receiving a quote and technical information was excellent prior to purchase, and the backup has also been seamless so far."
PES Engineering, Burnham-on-Crouch

"We are extremely pleased with the ClockRite service. The machine is reliable and the contactless clocking method is more suited to our working environment.  We are confident to use the data collected for wage purposes and control."
Customer House Excel, Maidenhead

"The ClockRite reports are fantastic and so easy to read.  ClockRite are always quick to answer the phone and any technical queries are answered immediately" 
Apex Laundry, Great Yarmouth

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