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Fingerprint Biometric Clocking System

Fingerprint Attendance Clocking System with UK Software | Only £295

Fingerprint Attendance Clocking System with UK Software | Only £295 Fingerprint Attendance Clocking System with UK Software | Only £295 Fingerprint Attendance Clocking System with UK Software | Only £295


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PRICE:£295.00excl VAT
£354.00 inc VAT
Product Code: C200/25/1
Brand: ClockRite
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Biometric Fingerprint Clocking System Details

A ClockRite fingerprint clock in system provides detailed, accurate time and attendance data for your business. Biometric security prevents employees buddy clocking, ensuring staff can’t clock each other in or out. All data links directly to our own UK timesheet software, helping you to simplify your payroll management. A fingerprint time and attendance solution is suitable for businesses of any size, and scalable for companies with multiple locations.

What's Included


Attendance Software

  • Full UK Time and Attendance Software Intuitively Displays Data from the Fingerprint Clock In Machine
  • Comprehensive Reporting Suite with Export Functionality
  • Printable Staff Attendance Register
  • Holiday and Absence Planning with Entitlement Tracking
  • 1 Hour Free Setup and Training
  • Sage Line 50 Integration
  • Detailed Setup and Usage Guides
  • 12 Months UK Time and Attendance Software Support

Fingerprint Clocking Hardware

  • Robust C200 Biometric Clock In Machine
  • Proven Fingerprint Clocking Technology
  • Download Fingerprint Clocking Data via LAN or USB (Prefer WiFi?)
  • Inbuilt RFID Proximity Reader For Optional Use Alongside Fingerprint Clocking
  • 12 Month Fingerprint Clock In Machine Warranty
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UK Supplier
Free Delivery

Just ten minutes lost time per employee each day can lead to £1000s in lost productivity every year. Try our Lost Time Calculator to see how much a C200 fingerprint clock in system could save your business.

Number of Employees
Average Hourly Wage
Time Loss (per person) Per Day
Your Staff May Be Losing* - Costing Your Business* -
*Figures are advisory only. Results assume a 40hr work week with 240 working days per year and may be rounded to nearest whole number.

Accurate, consistent timekeeping is an effective way of minimising the cost of lost time. The C200’s fingerprint clocking procedure is quick and simple, encouraging punctuality among your staff. Biometric clocking security allows you to take control of late starts, long lunches, and unauthorised breaks. It’s simple, a quality time and attendance system saves you money!

How the Fingerprint Attendance Clocking System Works


Clocking Methods


Fingerprint clocking is quick, easy, and eliminates any possibility of staff clocking each other in or out. In addition to secure biometric clocking the C200 system supports proximity clocking via badge or keyfob. Employees can register up to 16 fingerprint or proximity attendance events every day, with each clocking confirmed with an audible and visual message. To compliment the C200’s biometric security, a personal PIN can also be used.


Registration and Recording


Fingerprint registration is extremely simple. Multiple biometric records can be registered for each employee to guard against accidents or damage to a specific fingerprint, and the C200 clock in machine has the capacity for as many as 1000 staff.


Data Storage and Download


Clocking data is stored on the C200 fingerprint machine until downloaded via LAN or USB into our time and attendance software. Here individual time sheets can be calculated and detailed reports are available to manage attendance and payroll data. Once downloaded, all data is stored securely on your PC or server.


Any Questions? Simply call us on +44(0)1246 267715.  If you are ready to order simply click on the BUY NOW button at the top of the page.

Fingerprint Clocking System Software

Our ClockRite Software provides an intuitive and versatile time and attendance solution for your business. The software utilises attendance data from the C200 fingerprint clock in machine to make payroll preparation quick and easy. Install to multiple PCs as needed and create tiered user profiles to ensure staff can only access information relevant to their role.

Employee Time Cards

View an at-a-glance summary of secure biometric clockings, hours worked, and relevant exceptions for all employees. Missing or erroneous fingerprint clockings are easy to identify and amend, while total hours are intuitively broken down by pay rate. Fully customisable grace and rounding settings are included.

Multiple Shifts and Overtime Rates

ClockRite supports unlimited shift patterns, including night shifts, and allows for multiple shifts per employee or staff group. Fingerprint clocking data is analysed according to your specific shift rules in order to generate a detailed breakdown of all attended time. Define up to 5 rates of overtime to be applied daily or weekly as needed.

Holidays and Absence

Define multiple absence codes and track leave entitlement with our comprehensive absence module. View all absences in convenient calendar format and include paid leave in total hours reports, ensuring payroll data remains accurate.

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed, readable reports on every aspect of your employees’ time and attendance. Integrate data directly into Sage Line 50 or export to Microsoft Excel for simple transfer into other payroll systems.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
CPU 1Ghz (or equivalent) processor
Storage 400MB free disk space

Any Questions? Simply call us on +44(0)1246 267715.  If you are ready to order simply click on the BUY NOW button at the top of the page.

On-site Installation Service

On-site installation is available with every C200 fingerprint clock in system. Our experienced engineers will ensure you’re up and running in no time, while our support team take great care in managing your installation and making sure that you remain informed throughout. Try our installation price estimator or contact us for expert advice and a detailed quotation.
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Multi Site?
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Over 20 years experience

Friendly, knowledgable engineers

Get up and running on the day

Hassle free, peace of mind

Request a Callback
Call: 01246 267 715 | Email:
Request a Callback
Call: 01246 267 715 | Email:
If you require more than three biometric clocking machines or installation over multiple sites please contact us to discuss your needs.

Installation Requirements

  • Suitable wall space for the fingerprint clocking in machine
  • Nearby standard 240V power source
  • Nearby network point or suitable flying lead of CAT5 (ethernet) cable*
  • Local fixed IP address for the fingerprint clocking in machine*
  • Windows PC (for ClockRite software)

*For data download over LAN. USB downloads are available as an alternative to local network integration.

Height Width Depth
C200 Terminal 123mm 181mm 54mm
C200 Backplate 111mm 150mm 2mm

Any Questions? Simply call us on +44(0)1246 267715.  If you are ready to order simply click on the BUY NOW button at the top of the page.

C200 Fingerprint Clocking System Reviews

“The fingerprint clocking system is very easy to use for both employee and employer with the result that everyone is confident pay is accurate. Queries are always dealt with and ClockRite does everything I need it to.”

Client: Blue Water Shipping UK Ltd | Solution: Fingerprint clocking in system

"We’ve been using the ClockRite System since June 2013. As a busy wholesale bakery we operate a number of working shifts but ClockRite accommodates them easily. Set-up and training made for a smooth transition from the system in use previously. ClockRite is very easy to use, both the terminal itself and its attendance software, which not only collates the clockings for payroll purposes but also offers a number of analysis reports useful to management."

Client: Hughes Family Bakers | Solution: Fingerprint clock in system

"The fingerprint package from ClockRite has been the perfect solution for our needs. The software is simple to use and support is always available when needed, would highly recommend their services."

Client: Longvalley Packaging | Solution: Attendance clocking system with two fingerprint clocking machines

“The main benefits of our ClockRite system are the ease of use and accuracy of weekly time sheets. Support is excellent in every respect.”

Client: The Pheasant Inn | Solution: Fingerprint clocking system

“The ClockRite System helps us ensure accurate hourly pay with useful weekly hours and holiday reports. Support queries are always dealt with.”

Client: DP Structures | Solution: Fingerprint attendance system

“ClockRite provides clear and accurate information on the start and finish times of our staff. All report information is good, and we’ve had no problems with support at all.”

Client: Off Limits | Solution: Fingerprint clocking in system

“The ClockRite system is quick and simple to use, with very good support.”

Client:Stephill Generators | Solution: Fingerprint clock in system

C200 Fingerprint Clocking System FAQs

How easy is the clocking process?

Staff simply rest their registered fingerprint on the C200’s scanner. Recognition is almost instantaneous, and in normal operation staff members can register a clocking in around two seconds.

Why choose fingerprint clocking?

Fingerprint recognition is a widespread and popular attendance clocking solution due to its ease, speed, reliability, and security. Unlike traditional clocking methods based on punch cards or accessories, fingerprint security prevents employees clocking one another in and out and eliminates the ‘lost fob’ excuse. Fingerprint recognition is increasingly common in mobile phones and other gadgets, meaning staff members are likely to be familiar with the technology and comfortable with the concept.

Is fingerprint attendance clocking right for my industry?

Fingerprint technology is extremely reliable, but can be affected by dust, dirt, grease, and excess moisture. If these factors are a consideration in your workplace you may wish to consider a contactless clocking method such as facial recognition. If you’re at all unsure we would be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and advise which clocking method would be right for your business.

Are other clocking methods supported?

The C200 has a built in RFID proximity reader and takes clockings by badge or keyfob in addition to fingerprint. Staff can also clock in by entering a PIN if required.

Can we download data over WiFi?

The C200 supports download via ethernet cable or USB. Our C250 fingerprint model is fully WiFi capable if you would prefer a wireless connection.

Can we control access to the software?

The ClockRite Software supports permissions-based login profiles, ensuring users can only access the information they need to carry out their responsibilities. Security is ensured through the use of individual PINs.

Can we control access to the clocking machine?

The C200 features a top-level administration menu that can only be accessed with a special RFID proximity ‘admin card’. Individual users can also be assigned permissions-based roles, allowing them to perform certain actions at the clocking machine depending on their responsibilities.

Does the clocking machine have a DLST setting?

Every C200 fingerprint clocking in machine is supplied with our custom firmware and will switch from and to Daylight Saving Time automatically.

How is fingerprint data stored?

The C200 converts each fingerprint profile into a secure mathematical algorithm. No image of the user’s fingerprint is stored, and the algorithm cannot be reverse engineered.

Can I export data to my payroll system?

We support direct integration into Sage Payroll. For other payroll programs our main reports export to Microsoft Excel for quick and easy input.

How does a system with multiple clocking machines work?

Multiple C200 Fingerprint clocking machines can easily be configured to download data into the same ClockRite database. The ClockRite Software then determines whether each clocking is an ‘IN’ or an ‘OUT’ and calculates hours accordingly. Multiple clocking terminals are ideal for sites with more than one entrance/clocking point, or cases where many employees need to clock simultaneously.

Can we connect a bell to the clocking system?

The C200 can be incorporated into a bell ringing system as long as the maximum load to the clocking machine does not exceed 12V DC / 800ma. The C200 does not supply voltage to the bell(s), instead acting as a switch to sound the bell(s) at defined times. Please let us know if you’d like to discuss bell ringing requirements in detail.

Our business has more than one site, how would that work?

Clocking data can be downloaded from multiple sites into a centralised database via VPN, subject to a handful of conditions (sites require a static IP address, for example). Many of our customers operate a multi-site clocking system, and we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs in detail.

Are there any monthly fees?

We do not charge monthly fees or subscriptions. Quoted prices include hardware, software, and 12 months unlimited UK support.

How long is the warranty?

Every C200 clocking system is supplied with a 12 month hardware warranty and 12 months software support. After this period you may choose to renew your support contract with us, thereby extending your system support and hardware warranty for a further 12 months.

How many computers can we install the software on?

Every system allows for software installation on 2 PCs as standard. Additional software seats can be purchased at any time.
(A server or shared network drive is required for multi-pc installation)

Proximity Clock Cards - STANDARD (Pack of 10)
Proximity Keyfobs (Pack of 10)
USB Fingerprint Registration Scanner