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Fingerprint Biometric Clocking System

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Clocking System £295

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Clocking System £295 Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Clocking System £295 Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Clocking System £295


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PRICE:£295.00excl VAT
£354.00 inc VAT
Product Code: C200/25/1
Brand: ClockRite
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Biometric fingerprint clocking systems will give you accurate attendance information and prevent employees buddy clocking! Links directly to our own UK Time and attendance software to simplify your payroll management!

  • Fingerprint clocking technology eliminates any possibility of your employees clocking each other in/out
  • Robust and reliable clocking in system with proven fingerprint reading technology
  • TCP/IP network connection or USB pen drive collection
  • Optional bell attachment ClockRite Bell Kit
  • Comprehensive PC software to calculate your employee's basic and overtime payments
  • Printable attendance register in the event of an emergency Emergency Register
  • Holiday and sickness planning
  • Full suite of reports
  • 1hr free software setup and training
  • Sage Payroll Line 50 link to transfer paid hours to Sage
    (excel exports available for other payroll systems
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C-200 biometric clocking systems use fingerprint identity and/or standard proximity card clocking. These robust and reliable attendance clocking systems prevent 'buddy clocking' and ensure employees are not paid when not in attendance.

Biometric time and attendance systems are suitable for businesses of any size and for companies with multiple locations. The attendance data can be downloaded using your existing computer network, the Internet or USB memory stick. Need WiFi? Take a look at our C250 WiFi Capable Terminal!

Just ten minutes lost time per employee each day can run into £1000's in lost productivity every year. ClockRite's clock in / clock out procedure is quick and simple, encouraging punctuality among your staff and allowing you to take control of late starts, long lunches, and unauthorised breaks. Try our Lost Time Calculator to see how much Lost Time is costing your business.

Number of Employees

Average Hourly Wage


Time Loss (per person) Per Day

Your Staff May Be Losing* - Costing Your Business* -
*Figures are advisory only. Results assume a 40hr work week with 240 working days per year and may be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Cut time lost through late starts, early finishes and overlong lunch breaks. Accurate, consistent timekeeping is an effective way of minimising the cost of lost time: It’s simple, a quality time and attendance clocking system saves you money!

Biometric Fingerprint Clocking – How It Works

Employees use the C-200 biometric clocking system to clock ‘in and out’ simply by pressing their finger onto the scanner of the clock. They will receive an audible and visual message to say that the scan is successful.  Each employee can make up to 16 attendance clockings per day.


Proximity Clocking – How It Works

Employees can also use proximity clocking cards to register their attendance simply by passing their personal RFID proximity badge or key fob in front of the C-200 clock. They will receive an audible and visual message to confirm the clocking. For additional security a personal ‘pin’ number can also be used.


C200 Fingerprint Capacity and Recording

The C-200 range of clocking systems can store multiple biometric fingerprints for each employee, enabling them to record every finger if required (fingerprints can be damaged by scratches or burns, so it is advisable to record at least two prints for each member of staff). To register an employee, three images of each fingerprint are taken at the clocking machine, which is approximately a 10 second process. C-200 clocking terminals have the capacity for up to 1000 employees.


Clocked Data Storage

C-200 biometric fingerprint clocking systems store employee’s attendance clockings until they are down-loaded to the ClockRite time and attendance software where individual employee time sheets are calculated and a selection of reports is available to manage attendance and payroll data. Employee attendance data will be stored indefinitely on your server.

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Product Specification Sheet                                         

Complete boxed package including

ClockRite Software       

This clock and software package incorporates our flexible time and attendance software where all of your vital employee time data is securely stored and includes an easy to use suite of reports for comprehensive workforce management.  Our time & attendance software suite will enable you to prepare your payroll information quickly and easily and has the functionality to export hours worked to Sage payroll software.  Basic and overtime hours are calculated automatically, late starts and early finishes, quarter hour rounding and grace periods can all be built into the employee’s shift rules. Holidays, sickness and other absences are also recorded in detail for individual employees.

Installation and PC Requirements       
Sample Reports

Clocking and Hours
Hours & Gross Pay

Additional reports are available on request


"Since installing the ClockRite fingerprint clock in August we estimate the ClockRite system paid for itself in just one week.  We employee hundreds of building contractors so using the ClockRIte software has saved us time and effort as well as pounds and pence. 
BDL Group PLC, London

"The ClockRite fingerprint system was supplied pre-programmed with our employee names and the free software training was a great help.  We discovered instantly that the fingerprint technology encourages our employees to arrive at work at their official start time.  The ClockRite software has helped with efficient time management as we can instantly see who's here and where our money is being spent.  Top service from the support team, we would stand behind any referrals for ClockRite"
The Ferry Inn Carvery, Norwich

"The fingerprint package from ClockRite has been the perfect solution for our needs. The software is simple to use and support is always available when needed, would highly recommend their services"
Longvalley Packaging, Barking

"The ClockRite clocking-in system, which we recently installed has been excellent. We opted for fingerprint recognition which did away with key fobs which were often forgotten or lost and it was surprisingly easy to register the employees fingerprints"
G Simmons & Sons, Walsall
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