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Attendance Clocking Systems

Our range of time and attendance clocking systems feature robust RFID proximity, biometric fingerprint, and sophisticated facial recognition. All clocking terminals are supplied with our proprietary attendance software, designed specifically for the UK market. Our range of attendance clocking systems are easy to use for employees and administrators alike. Comprehensive reporting capability makes payroll preparation quick and easy, while all new systems enjoy 12 months support as standard. On-site installation is available with all clocking system packages.

How can my Business Benefit?


Fast, accurate payroll calculation


Save time on payroll preparation with our comprehensive time and attendance software and take peace of mind in the accuracy of your payroll data. Track hours worked, overtime, and absences with detailed employee timecards and send data to our in-depth reporting suite. Hours worked can be exported directly into Sage Line 50 or Microsoft Excel to make the process even faster.


Improve punctuality and prevent buddy-clocking


Accurate, consistent timekeeping is proven to improve punctuality and reduce time lost through late starts, early finishes, or extended lunch breaks. Be sure your staff can’t clock in on behalf of one another with our foolproof biometric solutions. It’s estimated that over 75% of businesses lose money from buddy-clocking; a ClockRite facial or fingerprint clocking system will eliminate this problem entirely.


Save money on lost time


Time loss adds up fast. Just ten minutes lost time per employee per week can run into £1000’s in lost time and productivity. In reality most companies lose much more time than this! ClockRite’s clock in / clock out procedure is quick and simple, encouraging punctuality among your staff and allowing you to take control of late starts, long lunches, and unauthorised breaks. It’s simple: a comprehensive time and attendance system saves you money.


Keep staff informed


Keep staff in the loop and answer timesheet queries quickly with ClockRite’s detailed reporting suite. At-a-glance information on hours worked, overtime, holiday entitlement, sickness and absence are never more than a click away with ClockRite’s clear, readable reporting capability.


Stay on the right side of the law


Being able to easily track employees' attended hours is a huge advantage, enabling you to ensure the don't exceed legal limits.

Which System is Right for My Business?


Fingerprint Clocking


Fast and reliable, a fingerprint clocking system eliminates buddy clocking and provides a seamless, secure time and attendance solution. Although fingerprint technology is suitable for most environments, you may find a contactless solution to be a better fit if your working environment is particularly harsh or staff regularly perform tasks that might abrase or damage hands. Optional WiFi connectivity is ideal for sites without a hardwired network.


Facial Recognition Clocking


Facial Recognition represents a sophisticated and foolproof time and attendance solution suitable for any work environment. While facial recognition is superb for harsher environments, our sleek, modern terminals also integrate seamlessly into your office, care, or academic setting. In all cases clocking is swift, secure, and completely contactless. As with our fingerprint clocking systems, WiFi capable models are available.


RFID Proximity Clocking


Proximity Systems take clockings by RFID keycard or fob, offering a more traditional contactless solution. RFID technology is simple to use and extremely reliable, but lacks the security and anti-buddy-clocking safeguards of a biometric solution.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many computers can we install the software on?


Every system allows for software installation on up to 3 PCs as standard. Additional software seats can be purchased as needed. A server or shared network drive is required for installation on multiple PCs.


Are there any monthly fees?


There are no subscriptions or monthly fees to pay. Quoted prices include hardware, software, and 12 months unlimited UK support.


How long is the warranty?


All systems come with a 12 month hardware warranty. After this period you may choose to renew your support with us, thereby extending your system support and hardware warranty for a further 12 months.


Can I export data to my payroll system?


We support direct integration into Sage Payroll. For other payroll programs our main reports export to Microsoft Excel for quick and easy input.


How is biometric data stored?


Our biometric terminals convert a fingerprint or facial profile into a secure mathematical algorithm. No image of the user’s fingerprint or face is stored, and the algorithm cannot be reverse engineered.


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